Visitors from the UK tour the Erie Canal and Stay at Vintage Gardens

We look forward to hosting them at Vintage Gardens!

We look forward to hosting them at Vintage Gardens!

The journey has begun, the legacy of New York State’s Erie Canal and Hudson River lures British adventurers Richard Harpham and Glenn Charles to kayak an epic 500 miles from Buffalo’s historic Erie Canal Harbor to the Statue of Liberty.

The journey is called “Spare Seat” because members of the public and media will join them in their double-seated kayaks. The project will be photographed and filmed, and hosted on a dedicated website with social media feeds to promote travel to New York’s waterways.

Follow Along!

Paddle alongside Richard and Glen in your own canoe or kayak or ride your bike on the Erie Canalway Trail to follow part of the journey.

They are scheduled to spend the evening in the Village of Newark on May 4th.  Come join us in welcoming them at the Port of Newark around 4:30 PM.

We will be watching for them!