Celebrating Earth this Month – We are Going Greener

Vintage Gardens Bed & Breakfast is going greener. We feel that every little bit does help to preserve our world and our choices will make a difference reducing the carbon footprint.

We strive to provide the highest level of hospitality and guest experience while preserving and promoting the unique historical and environmentally sensitive nature of our property and the region.

We practice and are committed to sustainability :  When possible we grow it, we buy local and use “fair trade products.”  We recycle plastic, glass, cans and paper.  We use tote-style bags when shopping.

Our tissue paper products are made from recycled paper. We use cold water to wash our laundry and use environmental friendly soaps and cleaners.


    We are conserving energy in our 1840’s historic home. When we remodel areas of the house we update insulation. We have switched many of the light bulbs in the house from incandescent to compact florescent light bulbs to help lower our energy use. We have installed in-room energy efficient air conditioners instead of cooling unused spaces.  Our guests control cooling systems to meet their individual needs. Many prefer opening a window for cool evening breezes.

In the winter we use a pellet stove to heat much of the house to cut down our use of natural gas.  The stove uses renewable fuel made from recycled wood products and has higher energy efficiency with lower emissions. We have built a new greenhouse made from recycled wood products. Our greenhouse uses recycled rain water and solar energy to power the lighting and solar pump. During the summer months we compost and grow fresh vegetables and shop locally at our regional farms for the freshest products that are used in our breakfasts.


We keep our woodlands natural to help attract birds and animals to our property.  We have planted berry producing shrubs and vines and a butterfly garden for all to enjoy.

1000764editedWe will continue to strive to make green choices at Vintage Gardens Bed & Breakfast.